The All-Canadian Sports Network (ACSN) is the by-product of over eight years of initiative, a significant amount of trial and error, many sleepless nights, and a desire to build one’s own experience in the Sports Media industry.

Back in 2013, College Court Report was born. Initially, it was a blog that allowed me to discuss NCAA Men’s Basketball. Being in Canada, there weren’t many people as passionate about NCAA Basketball as I was, so the website gave me the opportunity to discuss the sport year-round.

I went into it without any expectations on what could possibly come from it. Still hanging onto the dream of becoming an Athletic Director, I never thought that anything would come from an endeavour that began during my undergraduate degree at Brock University.

During my time operating College Court Report, I met many people who played a big role in myself pursuing a career in post-secondary sport while keeping a foot in the media industry. From coaches and players to fans and other media members, it was a great introduction to the World of Media. I had the opportunity of attending games as a member of the press, taking in post-game press conferences and getting a first-hand look at how things run.

I was also fortunate enough to have been able to cover the First and Second Rounds of the 2018 NCAA Tournament in Detroit, Michigan, an event that further cemented that Media was the path for me to take.

Before moving forward, I want to take a look back. The first school that showed their support was the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore Hawks. G. Stan Bradley was the first connection that I made through College Court Report, former Head Coach Bobby Collins was my first-ever phone interview, which I conducted while sitting on the curb outside of our place in Thorold, Ontario.

I paced for at least 30 minutes before that conversation because I was so nervous and anxious.

Fast forward eight years, and I’m now working as a Sports Information Coordinator in the OCAA while pushing for better media coverage across the board for both U SPORTS and the CCAA.

The ACSN is the result of three years covering basketball in Canada through Four Quarters Media. There’s a large void in the media market when it comes to coverage of post-secondary sport in Canada, and I want to play a big part in filling that void.

Across the country, everyone deserves year-round coverage for U SPORTS and the CCAA.

The players deserve it.
The coaches deserve it.
Families of those involved deserve it.
The programs deserve it.

Between our social media pages and on our website, I’m confident that you’ll be able to stay in the loop with what’s happening from coast to coast in all sports at both levels.

Welcome to the All-Canadian Sports Network, where you can find All-Canadian Coverage, all the time.

  • Tyler Bennett (Founder, ACSN and Four Quarters Media)