2021-22 RSEQ Recruits

Here are the recruits that have committed to any of the ten schools from across the RSEQ for the 2021-22 season. Women are listed in WHITE, while the Men are listed in RED.

Links to the player announcements, articles, or other social media posts can be found by clicking on the names of the players themselves on the list.

RSEQ Recruits to Date (as of April 8, 2021): 79 (38 – Women; 41 – Men)

Team Player Name Position Hometown Previous Team Date
Ahuntsic Miguel Doyon Jeremy Dynastie Basketball 4/7/2021
St. Lambert Jaheem Joseph St. Laurent Express 3/2/2021
Lennoxville Solane Touze Pontault-Combault, France 2/28/2021
St. Lambert Max Weiser College Notre Dame de Lourdes 2/10/2021
St. Lambert Chance Beaudoin-Skerritt Chateauguay Ravens 2/10/2021
Lennoxville Mia Gauthier Guard Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC 2/1/2021
Ed.-Montpetit Jeffrey Li College Jean de la Mennais 1/22/2021
Ed.-Montpetit Sydney Royal Proulx Ecole Secondaire Marie-Rivier 1/22/2021
Ed.-Montpetit Gabriel Augustin College St-Jean Vianney 1/22/2021
Ed.-Montpetit Chris Luidjyny Guercin Academie Dunton 1/22/2021
Ed.-Montpetit Francois Giraldeau Gerard Filion Vortex 1/22/2021
Ed.-Montpetit Emilie Grimard Brebeuf Basketball 1/22/2021
Ed.-Montpetit Jean Christophe Desrosiers Jeanne-Mance 1/22/2021
Ed.-Montpetit Walid Hirwa Jeanne-Mance 1/22/2021
Sainte-Foy Isaac Kiona Guard Gatineau Dragons 1/21/2021
Vanier Liam Ngos G/F Gatineau Dragons 1/15/2021
Vanier Nathan Ndombe Forward France CCRB 1/14/2021
Vanier Raphael Dumont Guard Blizzard Basketball 1/13/2021
Vanier Denis Bukvic Forward Seminaire de Sherbrooke 1/12/2021
Lennoxville Rosemarie Custeau Victoriaville, QC Les Asteries 1/12/2021
Lennoxville Catherine Oliver Guard Sherbrooke, QC Salesien 12/19/2020
Lennoxville Fiona Grombalet Guard Nantes, France 12/18/2020
Brebeuf Omar Migues-Hibeljic Guard Brebeuf Basketball 12/16/2020
Dawson Justin Gagnon Guard Seminaire Saint-Francois 12/16/2020
Sainte-Foy Roy Anbat Guard De Rochebelle 12/16/2020
Dawson Cristian Payawal Guard Ecole Secondaire Lavoie 12/15/2020
Vanier Carl Emmanuel Cleophat Wing Quebec City, QC Blizzard Basketball 12/14/2020
Vanier Avianna Thompson Guard Montreal, QC TWBA Bluehounds 12/14/2020
Vanier Erica Simeone Forward Ile Bizard, QC West Island College 12/14/2020
Vanier Skye Belony-Sem Guard Montreal, QC 12/14/2020
Vanier Thaina Simon Forward Montreal, QC Henri-Bourassa High School 12/14/2020
Vanier Tricia St-Cyr Guard Repentigny, QC College St-Jean Vianney 12/14/2020
Dawson Ismael Aloulou Guard St. Laurent Express 12/14/2020
Dawson Stelio Ferrarini G/F College Notre Dame 12/8/2020
Dawson Nick Masengo Forward Jeanne-Mance 12/4/2020
Sainte-Foy William-Marvel Boiteau Centre Brebeuf Basketball 12/3/2020
Ahuntsic Akijah Leith Guard Park-Ex Knights 12/2/2020
St. Lambert Steven Jean Guard Sun Youth Basketball 12/1/2020
Ahuntsic Stevenson Lafleur Guard Henri-Bourassa High School 12/1/2020
Brebeuf Sean de Kovachich Guard Henri-Bourassa High School 12/1/2020
Sainte-Foy Zaki-Olivier Ben Ameur Guard De Rochebelle 12/1/2020
Montmorency Yasmine Djibril Centre Villa Maria 11/28/2020
Sainte-Foy Nyodie Gerard Guard Blizzard Basketball 11/26/2020
Sainte-Foy Alice Allard Wing Seminaire Saint-Francois 11/26/2020
Sainte-Foy Amy Delaney Guard Seminaire Saint-Francois 11/26/2020
Sainte-Foy Marie Bethel Guard Polyvante Saint-Jerome 11/26/2020
Sainte-Foy Sophie Bergeron Guard Polyvante Arvida 11/26/2020
Sainte-Foy Alissa Gilbert Wing Polyvante Arvida 11/26/2020
Trois Rivieres Marika Fournier De Rochebelle 11/25/2020
Trois Rivieres Bianka Dusseault 11/25/2020
St. Lambert Shaun Paul Francois Juste Forward College St-Jean Vianney 11/23/2020
Montmorency Indigo Jerome Guard St. Laurent Express 11/22/2020
St. Lambert Deondrey Carter Guard Rosemouth High School 11/17/2020
Dawson Jade Hunte Guard Lower Canada College 11/17/2020
Ahuntsic Vidal Makumbi Guard PAGE Basketball 11/15/2020
Ahuntsic Nathan Calixte Forward Nobel 11/14/2020
Ahuntsic Donovan Lafond Galette Forward Team Thetford 11/14/2020
Dawson Christine Geraldo Guard ECS Bluehounds 11/12/2020
Saint-Jean Sophie-Anne Bouffard Guard College Charles-Lemoyne 11/12/2020
Saint-Jean Elisabeth Duchemin Forward Seminaire Saint-Francois 11/12/2020
Saint-Jean Kelowna Gedeon-Ngoyi Guard College Charles-Lemoyne 11/12/2020
Saint-Jean Lea Riopel Guard Nobel de Laval 11/12/2020
Saint-Jean Laeticia Hardy Forward Predateurs de NDL 11/12/2020
Trois Rivieres Elaine Bourgeois Drakkar 11/7/2020
Trois Rivieres Frederike Hamel 11/7/2020
Dawson Shaylan Greaves Wing Westmouth High School 11/6/2020
Montmorency Thalya Jeanty Guard PAGE Basketball 11/6/2020
Trois Rivieres Anais Bellavance Seminaire Saint-Joseph 11/3/2020
Montmorency Rita Zouiten Guard Amazones Basketball 11/1/2020
Brebeuf Antoine Boubez Guard Brebeuf Juvenile 10/31/2020
Brebeuf Edouard Benoit Guard Brebeuf Juvenile 10/31/2020
Montmorency Elsa Rousseau Guard Marauders du College Laval 10/31/2020
St. Lambert Tristan Longangue Forward Seminaire Saint-Joseph 10/29/2020
St. Lambert Candice Liehafa Guard Polyvalent Hyacinthe-Delorme 10/27/2020
St. Lambert Caitlin Frost G/F? TWKF Bluehounds 10/27/2020
Montmorency Eliza Terzuoli Forward UMB Huskies 10/26/2020
Montmorency Aliyah Baakoe Forward Nobel de Basketball 10/25/2020
St. Lambert Karl-Eric Lamarche G/F College Charles-Lemoyne 10/23/2020
Dawson Jazmine Romain Forward Secondaire Nicolas-Gatineau 10/23/2020

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The list of CCAA Recruits for the 2021-22 season was inspired by Martin Timmerman and his tireless work covering U Sports men’s and women’s basketball.

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