CCR Canada Launches Four Quarters Podcast

4Q Podcast BBG
(Source: College Court Report Canada)

SARNIA, Ont. — There are four quarters in a collegiate basketball game in Canada, and each of those quarters is 10 minutes in length.

We took that format and turned it into a podcast.

College Court Report (CCR) Canada is thrilled to expand its media coverage repertoire for both Men’s and Women’s Basketball in the CCAA and U Sports with the launch of our podcast.

The Four Quarters Podcast, powered by CCR Canada, is officially LIVE on January 6th, 2020.

The podcast will follow a similar format to that of your typical collegiate basketball game in Canada. Each episode will have ‘four quarters’, meaning four different topics will be discussed in 10-minute intervals.

There will be breaks in-between quarters, or ‘timeouts’ if you will, that will allow for the previous topic to be wrapped up, and the next topic to be introduced. Midway through each episode, there will be a ‘half-time’ segment, where we will steer away from that episode’s agenda for a few minutes. We will source quick-fire questions from various social media channels for a lighter discussion before the podcast gets back to the heavier content.

Finally, the ‘post-game’ segment will tie everything together and set up the next episode in the season.

There will be a wide array of content on the docket for the podcast as the season unfolds. We will have interviews with coaches and players, both past and present alike. We will take in-depth looks at any and all teams from coast-to-coast as the 2020 CCAA and U Sports Men’s and Women’s National Championships fast approach.

With the interviews, anything and everything is on the table. While discussing the season may be a top priority to some guests, we also want to learn more about the players and coaches away from the game. Nothing is off the table when it comes to interviews, as everyone has more to them than just the game of basketball.

The goal of the podcast is a rather simple one: keep the conversation going surrounding collegiate and university basketball in Canada year-round. Too often, the narrative surrounding collegiate basketball in Canada stops once the National Championships end, and doesn’t begin again until September.

We’re hoping to bridge the gap and continually Spread The Word all year long. With the format that we’ve laid out, we are confident that the narrative will continue all year long.

There will be two episodes of the podcast each week: Monday and Thursday.

Monday’s episodes will focus on the CCAA, and we may even dabble into the MCAC and its three teams. Thursday’s episodes will focus on U Sports and its four member conferences.

Occasionally, we may mix in interviews with Canadians playing in the NCAA, but we will save those for ‘Special Editions’ of the podcast.

The first full-length episode of the podcast will air on Monday, January 13th, 2020. You can catch us on Spotify and Buzzsprout for the time being (iHeartRadio, iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts are in the works).

– T. Bennett



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